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About us

Driving the
GameFi Revolution

We are building a Web3 Game Store for the Ultimate GameFi Experience. Our mission is to reach, educate, and empower the next 100 million Metaverse citizens


Play-to-Earn Games

Gaming directory to gameplay analysis we got you covered with only one-click onboarding for any game on any chain


GameFI Wallet

The all-in-one wallet every gamer has dreamed of: co-ownership, scholarship, and even a portfolio tracker


GameFi Exchange

One place to exchange and swap all game tokens: crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, and vice versa. Easier than ever!


NFT Marketplace

The most powerful marketplace for the GameFi industry. Buy, sell and rent your NFTs in one place


X-to-Earn Community

Referrals and rewards through a gaming social network built by the community for the community


Crypto Debit Card

The first GameFi debit card to make every gamer’s life easier. Cashout and withdraw your earning anywhere in the world

Be part of the Web3
Gaming Revolution

Seize the opportunity. Be among the early adopters.

We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re looking to play to earn, buy and sell GameFi related cryptocurrencies or in-game NFTs, lend or rent your NFTs, invest in GameFi, test new games, write game reviews, publih UGC to promote play-to-earn, or simply look for game insights to make data-driven decisions

Join the World of
Endless Opportunities

Onboarding Games and Gamers to the Metaverse with Kayros's Ecosystem

Our goal is to bring people into the Web3 gaming by building GameFi community through play-to-earn engagement and make NFT gaming easier and accessible for gamers, investors, creators, influencers and the whole gaming industry all over the world

Innovation that will
shape how we connect in the metaverse

Kayros Community - A world of endless opportunities for everybody

As a crypto gaming network, Kayros excels at incentivizing members who add value, bootstrapping communities all over the world, and blitzscaling growth by providing a framework for open participation. Members of our community are not just backers, but believers and contributors in what we do, and how we aim to change the ecosystem