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The multichain
wallet that rewards
Web3 gamers

The multichain
wallet that rewards
Web3 gamers
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Download your Kayros Wallet.
Start playing, complete quests and
begin earning today

The Play-to-Earn wallet

Game Discovery

The easiest way to discover NFT games regardless of their blockchain. 14 supported blockchains and counting

A beautiful NFT gallery

Easily manage your GameFi NFTs and track your portfolio

Way cheaper swaps

Kayros Swaps are half the price of other wallets, and there are no hidden fees.

Pre-configured game tokens

No more tokens and smart contract to import manually

Exchange Instantly

No forms, no selfies. Trade crypto anytime with ease.

Automatic URL detection

Better security to avoid scams and fishing sites

Safely send crypto or NFTs

Easily create your address book for secure crypto transactions

40 languages supported

Kayros Wallet speaks your language, no matter where you are from


Complete web3 quests
and earn

The future of gaming is here. Your Kayros wallet not only secures your digital assets but also unlocks the thrilling world of Web3 quests, helping you earn as you play.



Never miss a mint,
airdrop, or token

Never miss a mint,
airdrop, or token gate

Track, claim, and stay ahead of upcoming airdrops from Web3 games – all within your Kayros wallet. Be in the game, always

Social Recovery

Choose Your Own Circle.
With our social key recovery feature, your keys and assets are safe
with you and guarded by those who you trust the most.

Easily buy or sell crypto

Available across 170 cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains via cards,
bank transfers and other payment methods in 155 countries.

Portfolio Tracking

Instant visibility across your portfolio and favorite assets
No matter how many exchanges or wallets you have, Kayros enables
you to bring them together into one comprehensive view. Monitor
your portfolio and take action - all in one platform

Owned by the Kayros community

Not a conglomerate. We believe web3 should be accessible to
everyone & owned by users just like you.

Finally an
alternative to

Secure your crypto and NFTs with Kayros Wallet

A New Way to Log In

Instead of creating new accounts and passwords on every website, just connect you wallet

Your keys, your crypto

Kayros Wallet is 100% non custodial. We don’t have access to your private keys neither to your digital assets.

Kayros Wallet is 100% Open Source

Nothing to hide

Connect your Ledger device

So you can securely display your balances and manage your transactions.

Independently audited

Kayros has undergone review from the premiere security firms in web3.

Coming soon on mobile

On iOS and Android

Claim your NFT profile for free

Create your wallet, claim your NFT profile for free, and
enjoy exclusive perks. Join our Discord and get whitelisted
for our upcoming Kayros token airdrop.

Claim your NFT profile
 wallet overview
Kayros VS. Exchanges

Keep Your Assets
Safe from

You deserve better than to have your wealth at the mercy of another
FTX situation. Protect your crypto from accidents, attacks, and
exchanges with Kayros

Kayros Wallet
for game studios

Finally, an alternative to MetaMask
Kayros makes it safe and easy to connect to GameFi and web3.
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